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WEEK  1:

Introduction to Day Trading. We will dive straight into what we are trading and how we approach this particular “niche trade”.


WEEK  2:  

Will focus on uncovering the secrets of  what we need to see pre-market and what we’re looking for in the cash market. There is a very specific system that MUST be followed when trading the markets most volatile stocks!


WEEK  3: 

This is where we dive into Pattern Recognition.  At the heart of any successful trading strategy is the knowledge of when and where to enter a trade.  Day Traders rely heavily on Patterns. This is where we will cover the most widely used, high probability patterns used by seasoned traders!


WEEK  4: 

In week 4,  special attention is paid to high probability execution. This is where participants will learn how to get into a position, manage risk and learn where to take profits!


WEEK  5:

The final class is the most important. We will be tying everything together to show participants the power of this intraday strategy. We will also spend time going over how to develop a cohesive trading plan so there is no guesswork moving forward!

$265 USD

Premeire Package

This is JLT's full package!
This one time purchase gives you on-going mentoring with our lead trader. You will also get access to the Lifetime Membership that includes a growing library of teachings. 
Finally, you will become part of the JLT community with invitations to our twice weekly webinar called Ask-A-Trader, Trade Alerts, and Chatroom. 



REG $ 3000



  • Ongoing Mentoring

  • Lifetime Membership

  • Ask A Trader & Trader Alerts

  • Chat Room


lifetime membership

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The JLT Lifetime Membership is a growing asset! There are new courses added regularly and you will never be asked to pay for additional content. This membership also gets you invitations to our twice weekly webinar  called Ask-A-Trader. Come join our community!

all access pass

The JLT All Access Pass is the combination of Ask-A-Trader, Trade Alerts and Chat. This is an excellent place to get to know us and join a community of like minded traders.




  • Ask A Trader

  • Trader Alerts

  • Chat Room




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