The J. Lewis Trading Mentoring Program is unique

in more ways than one.


What we have created for you is a learning platform that is on-going that offers you direct access to your trading mentor. As a mentoring student you’ll be  offered a custom made educational plan that offers a multifaceted experience that ranges from continuous 1-on-1 coaching, as well as unprecedented access to our coveted Lifetime Membership Program.

                   Start Your Path on Becoming a TOP Producing Trader

Meet Your Mentor

Julian is a full time Day Trader and the founder of J. Lewis Trading. He was first introduced to the stock market in 2009 while working as a Realtor in Downtown Vancouver. It didn't take long for him to realize his passion for the market and pursued education in Finance. 

Julian's success sparked his desire to teach and give back to his community so he joined a trading firm and began mentoring other traders. In 2016 Julian founded J. Lewis Trading and has never looked back. He is on a journey to help other traders take all the skills and knowledge they have to win.

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Ask a Trader is hosted twice a week by our Lead Trader. The purpose is connect with Community Members and to get in front of HIGHLY explosive trades!

Video Library

The J. Lewis Trading Video Library contains over 250 video lessons that will assist in building your knowledge base. 

Full Courses

The J. Lewis Trading Lifetime Membership is rich with  Strategy Courses, Pattern Recognition Courses, the S.T.F System, LVL 2 and more! Our content is build for you to  succeed!