The Learning Curve

If you didn’t know this, or this is the first time you’re reading one of my blogs, everything I compose is based on real life experience. Generally, I’m inspired to write blogs as more of a report on things that are going on or have happened in the past. This blog is no different. With that I’m going to discuss the learning curve with trading. Regrettably, there are too many people that come into trading thinking it’s going to be “easy” and that they’re going to “get rich” with ease and speed. I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news but that is simply NOT the case. There are people that have made substantial amounts of money in a brief time period but this is typically rare. A pal of mine, here in Vancouver BC, did manage to turn $1500 into over 1.6M in 5 months trading commodities. I know this is truth and not fiction because I saw his actual trading record. He himself said that his meteoric rise to wealth should not be considered the norm and that the trading learning curve should be, not only respected but embraced! I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

The learning curve is of absolute importance. It’s the stage where you earn your stripes. Its were you’re battle tested in real time. It is were you’ll be handed your hat if you don’t come correct. And with all the times you’re going to get smacked by Mother Market you need to get back up, review, tighten up and get back to it. The learning curve is a very personal thing. It's not something that you should be comparing to someone else. It’s yours and yours only. Embrace it and respect it! When you are heading through this messy part of your career you must remember to stay nimble and focused. For this is the process that will either make or break you. I’m simply writing this to remind you that, whether you want to admit it or not, the learning curve never stops. I would personally suggest, strongly, that you commit to the path of continuous learning and gravitate to the understanding that as long as you’re a market Participant you are also a student.

I can tell you that on my journey there have been co